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WAGS Mobile Vet is an independently owned Mobile Veterinarian service that provides a complete range of at home Veterinary care throughout Brisbane.


Our goal is to transform the way Veterinary services are delivered in Australia by providing exceptional care in the comfort and convenience of our customers homes.


The WAGS Team are committed to providing a convenient, focused and stress free mobile Veterinarian experience for you and your pet. By providing Veterinary care in a familiar and comfortable setting we aim to save you time and eliminate the stress and anxiety that many pets experience when visiting a Vet. Just imagine no more stressful car rides and Vet waiting rooms!

Our patients are our priority, so we schedule longer appointments than other Vets to ensure your pet gets the care and attention they deserve.


WAGs Mobile Vet was founded in 2017 to provide convenient at home vet care to the suburbs of Brisbane.

WAGs is a family business run by myself Dr. Elly BVSc (Hons) and my husband Dean. I graduated from the University of Queensland in 2010 and have worked in both small animal clinics and after hours emergency.


I love the more personal approach a home visit can provide and getting to know your pet whilst they are more comfortable in their own environment.

Dean wears multiple hats each day, not only has he been a Veterinary Assistant to myself for the past 9 years, he also runs WAGs Pet Minding and is a qualified Mechanic to ensure our vehicles are always in tip top shape.


We have a toddler, twin babies and 5 fur babies of our own, Chelsea 10 year old Golden Retriever and Borris 6 year old Rottie X Staffy, as well as 3 cats; Harry, Kasper and Case.


We felt that the standard 15 minute consultation provided by regular Vets was not adequate to deliver the level of care and attention that pets deserve.


WAGs was created to provide a more convenient Veterinary service to owners.  WAGs is suitable to anyone, but especially people:


  • Who don’t drive or can’t physically get to a vet clinic
  • Struggle with the stress of taking an overly boisterous or anxious pet to the Vet
  • Living busy lives and have limited time available to drive, wait in waiting room with possible delays and battle the worsening Brisbane traffic
  • WAGs provides 30 minute consultations to get to know you and your pet, compared to the standard 10-15 minutes at regular clinics
  • We service both northern and southern suburbs of Brisbane for no call out fee (see service area page for list of suburbs)
  • We also offer an extended service area for only a $20 travel fee… See our service area page
  • WAGs also provides Pet Minding services by experienced pet care professionals, fully insured and police checked
  • Check out our Pet Minding Services Page