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Paw DigestiCare 150g Powder

$43.24 inc. GST

PAW Blackmores Digesticare

Provides good bacteria to help restore and maintain intestinal balance. Aids in the establishment of gastrointestinal microflora of puppies & kittens. Suitable for dogs and cats. Tasty powder that can easily be sprinkled onto your pet’s food. Comes with a 4 g measuring scoop for an easy usage.


PAW Blackmores DigestiCare

PAW Blackmores DigestiCare is a multi-strain, multi-species probiotic and wholefood powder for the maintenance of everyday digestive health in dogs, cats and other companion animals.

With the inclusion of fermented superfoods and essential vitamins and minerals, the DigestiCare supplement can be used during periods of intestinal dysfunction including the treatment and management of diarrhoea and in the establishment of healthy microflora in immature animals (puppies and kittens).

Key Features:

  • Probiotic powder to maintain digestive health
  • Quality tested & safe for dogs and cats
  • Rich in essential vitamins & minerals
  • Includes fermented superfoods such as Spirulina, Quinoa and Alfalfa
  • Highly palatable


Dosage Instructions:

If there is intestinal discomfort double the dosage for the first 5 days.

Body Weight (kg) Daily Dose
0 – 4 kg 1/2 scoop
5 – 14 kg 1 scoop
15 – 29 kg 2 scoops
Over 30 kg 3 scoops
Other companion animals (rabbits, guinea pigs etc) Up to 1/2 scoop
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